ESS currently provides, but is not limited to, the following security solutions for our clients in Port Moresby and Lae:

  • Security consulting for local & International clients
  • Static guards
  • Armed static guards
  • VIP airport transfers
  • Armed vehicle escorts
  • Mobile patrolling units
  • Emergency response teams
  • Close protection officer
  • Investigations & intelligence
  • Risk assessments
  • Armed payroll and banking escorts
  • Client employee transport
  • Vehicle GPS tracking and monitoring
  • Dangerous Goods escorts
  • Valuable Goods escorts
  • Over Dimensional escorts and general cargo escorts
  • Hand-held and Base 2-way radio
  • CCTV cameras
  • Arbitration
  • Personnel trackers

ESS also has the network capabilities and resources to offer competitive prices to your security solutions such as; Risk Assessments, Weekly Reports, Emergency Management and/or Conflict Resolution. In addition, an ESS Response Team can be deployed to assist our clients in any emergency or crisis situation whenever and wherever required, ranging from a roadside assistance call, to the recovery of an asset or even conducting an internal investigation. We have a reputable history in providing logistical support to our clients in a “no go zone” and/or “hot spots” due to our wide spread networking ability throughout the country.

Training & Recruitment:: Executive Security Systems is authorised under the Security Industries Authority to train our internal guard force and recruit security personnel in compliance with the security act of Papua New Guinea.

Control Room: Executive Security Systems maintains a 24/7 control room which provides hourly checks for all locations through 2-way radio transmissions and monitors our fleet through real-time GPS tracking.

GPS Monitoring: After professional consultation ESS has decided to move forward with building a GPS-tracking platform to assist our customers with both vehicle and personnel real time tracking, panic buttons, vehicle geo-fencing, and personal trackers providing customers with the exact location of their assets 24/7

Intelligence Reporting: As required, Executive Security Systems currently provide our corporate clients with weekly updates on potential threats, ethnic clashes, traffic incidents and all related security issues for Lae and Port Moresby.

Emergency Response: In the event of a security incident or emergency, Executive Security Systems will deploy at least 2 vehicles (with the ability to deploy more) containing two (2) armed guards in each, a supervisor and driver to any client location.

Hazardous escorts: Currently we are one of the few security companies that has the experience and certification to escort hazardous chemicals such as Sodium Cyanide, Ammonium nitrate, Highly Explosive (HE) and Potassium Amyl Xanthate (PAX). Our escort personnel have been certified in basic first aid, firefighting, use of a breathing apparatus and cyanide awareness to provide escorts for all PJV cargo from Lae to the PJV mine site.

Investigations: We have full-time Qualified Investigators in both our branches to carry out any investigative related issues that our clients may face. This division has proven helpful to clients who are confronted with, internal theft, breaking and entering and asset recovery. The areas that our investigator will be responsible for will be, insurance reports, crime reports, traffic reports, court files etc.

Close Protection Personnel: Internationally trained staff will off the best Personnel protection (Body Guards) available.

Staff Pickups and Drop offs: With a large fleet ESS has the capacity to securely move your employees to and from their place of work in a timely manner.

Landowner & Conflict Resolution: With our exceptional negotiators on hand we have the capability to deal with and resolve landowner disputes and conflict resolution.

Landowner & Conflict Resolution: With our exceptional negotiators on hand we have the capability to deal with and resolve landowner disputes and conflict resolution.

Consulting: ESS offers consulting services for international or local employees in the attempt to control possible security issues that may arise.


Engagement process: Representatives from both parties will be required to discuss the standard operating procedures (a draft process).A draft contractual agreement will then be sent to the client to confirm the length of the contract, the specifics surrounding the services required and the proposed rates for consideration. Once both parties are in agreement with SOP’s and contractual agreement, the signing process will then take place. A pack will be provided to the client with all emergency contact numbers, processes and a copy of their agreement as well as all of the services that ESS can provide them should they ever need any extra assistance.

Requirements: It is essential that all guards posted to all client locations have access to fresh drinking water, shelter from the elements and toilet facilities which is a requirement that MUST be provided by clients to ensure maximum performance from all security officers.